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All these years I’ve been having migraines almost daily.  I’ve been taking pills and trying all sorts  herbal remedies, without getting better. I’ve tried everything I can think of but nothing works…  I don’t know what exactly causes my migraines. Even my doctor told me it could be a multitude of factors: diet, sleeping habits, fitness, and the most dreaded one of all – stress. When doctors can’t pinpoint what is wrong with you, they push the blame to stress. But it’s almost impossible  to stop  doing all the things that stress you out. Which is basically everything in life.


So I began asking all my friends and family to see if anyone else had a problem with frequent migraines. And it turned out that one of my best friends, Judy, whom I haven’t seen in ages, used to have them! But I didn’t know, because she always avoided going out with all my friends because she was not feeling well most of the time.  Now I know exactly how she felt.




I got together with Judy and she told me she used to get very bad headaches which would make her stop whatever she was doing and had to rest for an hour or two. She had to close the curtains in her room and everyone had to be very quiet because everything just seemed to make her headache worse–the light, noise…almost everything.  Aspirin didn’t relieve the pain very much, and doctors kept prescribing stronger painkillers that made her feel physically weak and at times nauseated.


I was surprised to hear about everything Judy had gone through.  She always seemed very healthy.  Judy told me she was desperate and searched for help.  She found a guide that taught her how to massage her meridian points. I didn’t know what she was talking about.  What in the world were meridian points?!


She recommended me the guide  that relieved her of her nagging ailment, called Pure Natural Healing. It involved some methods of traditional Chinese medicine that didn’t require any ingestion of pills or substances.  What I really liked was that it had to do with Natural Healing and not about taking more painkillers.   http://bit.ly/1NCcqEV


One of the chapters in this comprehensive guide taught me how to relieve my migraines in a few simple – yet specific – steps, and I can proudly say that I’ve not had one single migraine since I’ve applied this wonderful method! Whenever I have problems at work,  instead of waiting for the inevitable migraine, I practice the headache-relieving method revealed in this guide and my migraine never develops and I don’t even have to take any medication.


And not only did my migraines go away completely, I realized that many of my other less troubling afflictions could be eliminated as well. I am constantly bloated and constipated because I absolutely hate eating my vegetables, which provide dietary fiber needed to aid digestion. I know, I should eat my veggies, but I just hate the taste so much! In this guide book I found the perfect way to get rid of my constipation issues. It turns out that I could just use my hands and massage my way to the toilet. The hilarious, ironic thing is that Judy told me she used the guide book to cure her diarrhea problems instead. Judging from the sheer amount of techniques and contents in the guide book, almost all of our body’s ailments could be treated with meridian therapy.


I’ve also been practicing the techniques revealed in the guide book and they have helped me with my colds.   Pure Natural Healing has a section on curing common colds. I’ve seen very good results when I have a cold.  I usually sneeze a lot when I get a cold but with this technique, my sneezes diminish to a slight sniffle. I should teach all my friends and colleagues at work how to cure their colds – I’ll be hailed as a hero!   http://bit.ly/1NCcqEV


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