[Bucket List] The Extra Mile

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I love to Travel… Do You?


Traveling should be on everyone’s bucket list!  Whether it involves spending several days in another continent, backpacking in the country with friends, or just getting outside the city and going on a road trip with family, every adventure is worthwhile.




Exploring new grounds and trying new things, all burdens and troubles seem to slip away.  You forget about you and your problem for a small amount of time and understand there a lot of people who are struggling for bare necessities in life. Contentment often follows as a result of a diminishing preoccupation with oneself. I see traveling as a method to ensure that life does not escape me!


Traveling is the best way of gaining new perspective, new points of view about leading your life. You meet so many people along your journey and they all influence you in some way.  It’s the best way of having new experiences. Imagine climbing a mountain or going for a walk on the beach, or going to a museum or going to a national park.   Traveling opens up infinite possibilities for you.  Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps.


Traveling is about the discovery of new cultures and ideas in foreign lands and about meeting new people everywhere you go. It’s about the feeling of letting go and doing things differently than ever before.  Traveling gives you time to think about, to reflect, to wonder about the big questions of your life and the big questions of the universe.  It’s about finding a place that feeds you—creatively, socially, spiritually, and (of course) literally.




Traveling can be great for self discovery, facing your fears and realizing your hidden potential. It can also help in revaluation of our priorities in life. In life we are either worried about our past or anxious about our future. We are never in the present. It helps you in appreciating the present moment for what it is. Travelling is the best way of breaking your routine.




There is so much to see, and not nearly enough time to witness it all, so travel wide and far, travel boldly, and travel with full abandon. Perhaps you dream of visiting seven continents or standing on top of a tall mountain. Narrow it down to a specific country or better yet a region or a city. Wherever it is that you dream of going, do not let price, language, or distance keep you from taking your first steps in that direction. Make a new path, travel the extra mile!


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