3 Powerful Tools for You [Getting What You Really Want]

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In honor of Thanksgiving & my deepest gratitude for you sharing your journey with me, here are 3 gifts… from my heart to yours:  Three powerful exercises to getting what you (really) want.


These three powerful exercises, when done repeatedly, will help you manifest your dreams and experience rapid changes in your life.


Gift No. 1:  Visualize Your Positive Thought

Write a brief script for a scenario that you could visualize, which can be a starting point for a five-to ten-minute visualization. Let there be a number of elements included that imply success and happiness. For example, “I will take my new car (be specific), with its new car smell, to pick up the children from school. I’ll see the world around me, driving down familiar streets, and the world will see me, through its windows, from the vantage point of the driver’s seat. I’ll be singing and dancing with joy to my favorite Elton John CD and I’ll notice both friends and strangers giving me admiring glances. At school, as I open the door for my kids, who are beaming over the happy day they had, I will receive and hear compliments from other parents on my new clothes and overall appearance (be specific).

From school, I’ll take the kids house hunting for our new home that will have lots of privacy and a large yard. While viewing a really cool home, my cell phone will ring its funky ring, and it will be a call from my agent, who’s presently in New York shopping my latest manuscript. Just hearing her excited voice is enough to get me excited, and then she tells me…”

When this script is complete, visualize it, once a day, until it gets boring, and then create a new script to visualize.


Gift No. 2:  Positive Words

Take a moment for yourself right now. You’re worth it!

Breathe a deep, cleansing, grounding breath in through your nose and release it out through your mouth. Now do it one more time. And a third. Excellent! While you are doing this, I’m sending you loving, healing, nurturing, grounding energy.

There’s nothing you need to do but allow and receive it. Aaaahhh wonderful!

Now, create a palette for future use by making a list of things you can say about yourself, as if you were already the person living the life of your dreams. For example:

“I am…(surrounded by friends and laughter, always in the right place at the right time, happier than I’ve ever been before, a magnet to opportunity…)”


“I love…(how easy my life is, that my life understandings give me peace, where I live, the person I have become, my amazing home…)”

Make these lists long, and keep in mind that they aren’t phrases to recite once and then forget. Ideally, they’ll become part of your daily speech, naturally evolving to become more comprehensive and reflective of your ever-evolving preferences and manifestations.


Gift No. 3:  Positive Deeds

And now for one of my favorite Manifestation Exercises. Please consider doing it. It’s AMAZING!

List small acts of faith you can now perform in the coming days, weeks, and months, both to prepare for the inevitable arrival of your dreams manifestations, and as if your dreams have already come true. Later, of course, do them! Perhaps assigning yourself to do one per day.


Playing the MatrixClick Here to take a look at Mike Dooley’s  online course about receiving and playing the matrix of life to get what you really want


Remember,  you cannot say things, anything, without influencing the circumstances you will experience next. Statements like, “I met another guy who treated me like dirt,” “Another person ripped me off,” or, “I met another liar” explicitly tells the Universe that this is the kind of world you live in and it replies—with circumstances and manifestations—essentially saying, “Ok, got ya’. More of the same coming right up!” This is so true:  We reap what we sow.

It’s not enough to know about thoughts becoming things, and then to routinely lament with friends over the state of the world, or say that if you even look at food you gain weight. Speaking negatively still gives the Universe marching orders. Often even well-intended commiseration such as, “Ain’t it awful…life’s not fair…can you believe this?” commands every element, all of the forces of nature, to perpetuate your situation through acts of serendipity and coincidence. The Universe is always listening. Of course, there’s a place, a teeny, tiny place, to convey thoughts of your predicament or circumstances to a therapist, coach, or best friend when you need to express how you’re feeling, so that those feelings can be allowed to move on and be replaced.


Consciously Choose Your Words To Spark Positive Change:

You can start saying things like, “I’ve got all the time in the world. I’m surrounded by wealth and abundance. Everything I touch turns to gold. I love public speaking. I never get jet lag. I always have exactly the right thing to say at the right time to the right person. I’m always in the right place at the right time. My life is so easy. I know what I’m going to do today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life. I have total clarity, total certainty.  I am so photogenic! I can’t take a bad picture!”

Today’s manifestations came from yesterday’s thoughts, words, and actions. Tomorrow’s manifestations will begin taking shape based on what we think, say, and do today.


Express Gratitude

When you express gratitude or say “Thank you” to the Universe or your greater self, what you’re actually saying is synonymous with, “I have received.” This is true whether you give thanks for what you already have and when you give thanks for what you desire as if you already had it—health, friends, wealth, abundance. This is super-powerful! You’re going beyond the end result: you’re putting out the emotion to the Universe. And the only way the Universe can manifest that emotion—that gratitude—back to you, is to manage circumstances, people, and players in your life that will yield the gratitude you first sent out.

Knowing this helps us to be careful about our lists of desires. If you express your desires in terms of, “I want, I want,” you’re also implying and stating to the Universe, “I don’t have, I don’t have.” Not what you want to perpetuate! So, when you’re expressing your desires for change, the best way to do so is through expressions of gratitude—thanking the Universe in advance for the things that are on your wish list and already on their way, while at the same time appreciating what you already have.

Keep in mind that whatever you put out there must come back; and if it’s gratitude for having received, then you must receive. To learn more about receiving and playing the matrix of life to get what you really want, see Mike Dooley’s online course  “Playing the Matrix.”


Gift No. 4:   And a Bonus Action….

Compassion For Yourself.

As you take steps toward the future you want to have, part of the process will naturally uncover information/shed light about how you have been living, what you might want to change and becoming more aware of yourself and the surroundings you have consciously or unconsciously chosen for yourself and your life thus far.

It’s important to develop and practice compassion for yourself. Beating yourself up for anything you are now aware of that you have said, done, felt or manifested from the past will only serve to keep the blocks in place (and continue manifesting more of the things you are now aware of that you don’t want).

This way of thinking is not only not useful at this point but it will actually prevent you from moving forward to the progress you wish to make in your life. It serves no good, healthy purpose and is not the essence of love, goodness, joy or any of the higher vibrational thoughts and emotions you are working on cultivating.

Compassion is an alternate way of thinking you can embrace now. You didn’t know any better at the earlier times in your life when you were making the choices that brought you the people, circumstances and things you recently had or still have.

Now you do know more about how the Universe works.  This is a fantastic  declaration to the Universe about where you are now  and where you are going.


Take Action
This may seem silly at first, but it’s a good practice to create some loving compassion!   Write a compassionate and encouraging letter to yourself – and then mail it! I’ve done it several times!

As silly as it may seem, when you receive the letter in the mail and read it, you will see why it’s powerful. Tell yourself all the encouraging things you wish to hear as you’re on this path toward your goals and dreams. Be encouraging and supportive in this letter.

It will mean so very much to “the you” who reads it on the receiving end. Trust me!


Playing the Matrix


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