Day 10 – Learn To Be Here Now [Oprah and Deepak Chopra Teachings]

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Getting Unstuck – Creating a Limitless Life – Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation Experience

These are amazing notes – not transcripts –  from Deepak and Oprah’s meditation challenge, Getting Unstuck, Creating a Limitless Life, written by DoinTheGratefulDance .  I have enjoyed several of the meditation series Oprah and Deepak Chopra have shared.  I am not affiliated with them – just a grateful listener too and wanted to share these wonderful notes.    I couldn’t have done a better job!  Thanks for sharing these notes!


Day 10 – Learn To Be Here Now
“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh


Message of the Day:  

Today’s meditation is about expansion of awareness and the limits we place on ourselves through fear and doubt because of our past experiences.  Meditation helps us overcome these limitations so that we can open up to creative possibilities and live in the present without fear and doubt.

“I rest with comfort and ease in the present moment”


Sanskrit Mantra:  

“Om Hreem (sounds like it’s spelled)
Pure, transparent awareness is my essential nature”


Oprah says….

Oprah quotes the buddhist monk and author,Thích Nhất Hạnh, who wrote ‘Most of us experience a life full of wonderful moments and difficult moments but for most of us, even when most joyful, there is fear behind the joy.”

She says that the push of something positive in our life is usually accompanied by the pull of negative thought or feeling that our life really can’t really be this good without something bad happening.  Many of us struggle to live in the present moment because we carry resentment from past experiences or are just plain scared of what the future holds.  We’re afraid to feel love and joy because we’re afraid we’ll lose it.  She mentions that Brene Brown calls this catastrophizing.  Brene says we’re often afraid we’re afraid to feel deep happiness, instead we pull back believing that we’re just setting ourselves up for a sucker punch. Then we’re stuck.    Brene’s remedy for catastrophizing and living in fear of loss is to soften into each moment, embracing it and being grateful.  (My note… Brene Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability is powerful)

Oprah says that Be Here Now hold the key to living an expanded, unstuck life.  We open ourselves to miraculous possibilities when we choose hope over doubt, vulnerability over fear, expansiveness over worry.  Meditation helps us tap into this.


Deepak says….

“People approach life with a mixture of hope and doubt.  These two tendencies pull in opposite directions.  Doubt pulls you backward out of the present moment.  Hope pulls you forward into the now.”

We’ve learned pain and suffering from our past experiences  and thus tend to regard change with doubt.  When we experience something positive, that little voice in our head says it’s too good to be true.  When we doubt and are skeptical, it places limitations on how much we embrace life.

  • The third guideline for getting unstuck is favor hope over doubt.  Anytime we have negative thoughts –  resistance, pessimism,anxiety, worry or self-judgement, pause and get centered.  Tell myself I want better than this – I side with hope.  This is when we will be able to look for opportunities and take advantage of them when they appear.  Choose not to live in the negativity habit.

The best way to stay out of negative emotions is to be in the now and expand into the present moment.  The more we do this, the more new possibilities will emerge.  Don’t allow anxiety, worry, doubt and fear – Deepak calls it mental claustrophobia.   Meditation practice helps place us in the here and now and allows the expansion of awareness to happen effortlessly – an open field of limitless possibilities.  When we can be comfortable in the here and now, our creative self rejoices and comes forward to work things out for us. Deepak says hope isn’t just an attitude – it’s the most natural approach to a living a creative life.

Listen to some relaxing music, breathe slowly and deeply, become more and more relaxed, and meditate for about 10 minutes using the Sanskrit mantra,

“Om Hreem (sounds like it’s spelled)
Pure, transparent awareness is my essential nature”

Deepak explains,  This mantra awakens the state of unlimited joy that is your true creative self.  Ananda is the inherent bliss, freedom and unlimited creativity of existence.”


Continue meditating  for about 10 minutes and then release the mantra.  Concentrate on the centering thought:   being fulfilled and being who you want to be and repeating:

I rest with comfort and ease in the present moment
I rest with comfort and ease in the present moment


Reflections on Day 10, write about it…

  • Favor hope over doubt – think of a time when I consciously chose to act with love and acceptance rather than skepticism and doubt and describe how I felt.
  • Choose a strong impression from my past that tends to repeat itself – a memory that continues to cause pain, self-doubt, depression or any other negative emotion.  Each time it appears, tell it “I’m not that person anymore”.  Practice my resolve to let go of the painful memory and write about positive things in my life as a result of releasing the hindrance.
  • Write about a fond memory in detail and concentrate and live  the good feelings it brings me. When I celebrate the wonderful moments that bring hope to me, I invite more of these moments into my life. When I’m feeling negative or doubtful, reread this exercise as an instant reminder.


Oprah lessons  written by by DoinTheGratefulDance

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