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When in meditation, there is a moment called “the gap.” This place outside of space and time is a flash of stillness and silence.


Every meditation is a unique combination of experiences

~ davidji


Every meditation can be the perfect experience with an opportunity for deeper inner connection.


The combination you experience in each meditation is a once in a lifetime moment. We all may be seeking “the gap” as our place of stillness inside the storm, but even for master meditators it isn’t an everyday experience. The more you meditate, the more confident you will become.


Meditation is proving to be a practice that brings like-minded people together.


Each of us know someone who wants to start meditating and like most of us, has struggled to find a way to fit meditation into their everyday life.


So please share the Secrets of Meditation and help others find their own path to successfully creating stillness for their life…


When you drift away, drift back. ~ davidji


We live our lives in constant activity. The relentless swirl of thoughts, daily pressures, items on our to-do list, emotional baggage, and conditioned behaviors can often overwhelm us, challenge us, confuse us, and paralyze us. In the process, those dreams and desires we hold so dear can take a back seat to the chaos of the moment.


In the Secrets of Meditation, Davidji demystifies meditation making it easy, accessible, and practical. You will learn to integrate stillness and silence into your daily life, you will acquire a life-long ritual for being the calm amidst the chaos, learn to manifest your deepest desires to take your life from where you are to where you want to be, and learn to move through each day’s challenges and successes with greater purpose, grace and happiness.

Here are three of Davidji’s videos from a Video Series shared by HayHouse –


Davidji provides  techniques in these videos that can change your life.  Each video provides new techniques like the pattern interrupt, Meta meditation and infinity breath to help build your confidence and create a successful meditation practice. Start any of these techniques and watch your well‐being improve.


What if you could experience your life change in just 16 seconds?
Davidji,  introduces the power of pattern interrupt, a 16 second meditation technique helping to alleviate stress. Through this easy to use tool, you not only gain clarity but a simple tool for beginning a meditation practice.


For those wishing to begin a meditative practice and wondering where to start, Davidji teaches two short awareness techniques that can be done anywhere. He demonstrates his 16 second pattern interrupt and quiet continuous breathing techniques giving you high-powered tools to handle the overwhelm of life.


Davidji reveals the Secrets of Meditation HERE:


You will:

  • Finally experience present-moment-awareness making it easy, accessible, and practical.
  • Connect with your most divine wisdom
  • Awaken your inner healer
  • Discover practical steps to help you stay grounded, calm, and centered
  • Learn tools, tips, & techniques to de-stress in the middle of a crisis
  • Cultivate greater clarity, purpose, and vision, and
  • Unfold your life with greater grace and ease


Connecting to your most divine expression–the part of you that is whole, and pure, and perfect, and infinite, and abundant—is only a meditation away. Many of the benefits of meditation will be felt within the very first session.


In this first video you’ll learn:

  • How to start meditating in 16 seconds
  • Techniques to release stress
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation



In this second video of the  video series, you will discover  the concept of “doing it right” while building your meditative practice. Inside, davidji explains how each experience of meditation is right even if you feel it has gone wrong.


In this video you’ll:

  • Discover if you’re meditating correctly
  • Understand the significance of distraction
  • Realize common experiences when meditating
  • Learn new meditation techniques



In this third  video you’ll learn:

  • Meditations to mend relationships
  • The health benefits of meditation
  • To understand current relationships on a deeper level
  • How to release struggle using your breath


Secrets of Meditation


In this Video you’ll learn:

  • A Powerful Technique to Manifest Your Desires

Source of Videos:  Hay House

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