What Do I Want? – [Oprah & Chopra Desire and Destiny Meditation Experience]

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What Do I Want?

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.” ― Native American Proverb


In the past few days, we’ve  focused on understanding who we are, connecting with our essential nature and divine essence. Today, as we invite abundance and clarity into our lives, we begin to explore what it is we really want in this lifetime. This awareness guides us to the steps on the roadmap toward living our destinies.
We may carry long-held beliefs about our identity and character that were given to us by others. These ideas influence our perceptions about what we want in life. Today,  give yourself permission to let go.   Let your heart and soul speak to you as we travel within to hear our inner song of truth. Breathe deeply and receive on this day filled with transformational opportunity. Today we let our hearts lead the way for all of the answers we seek live within – all we have to do is listen. ~ Oprah & Chopra Desire and Destiny


CENTERING THOUGHT FOR TODAY:   My heart knows the answer.


My heart knows the answer




Heart & Soul


What is your answer to today’s soul question, “What do I want?” Take time to reflect on what you really want, in your heart and in your soul. Write with abandon! As you begin to declare your heart’s truth, the universe begins to respond.



InspirationAs you reflect on your heart’s deepest desires, know that it is inspiration paired with action that activates the path to making your dreams come to life. What are five gentle or even bold actions you can take this week to begin to invite these things into your life now? Consider this carefully and set yourself up for success. There may be several steps or even a process involved, so be realistic as you start the journey. Take your first steps this week!


What Are You Grateful For Today?


What are you grateful for today?





From Oprah & Chopra 21 Day Meditation Experience Desire and Destiny



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