Inspirational Me – [Oprah & Chopra Desire and Destiny Meditation Experience]

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Inspirational Me

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” — Albert Einstein


Think about the people and experiences that truly inspire you. What is it about them that makes you feel this way? For many of us, we are inspired when we feel something we have never felt before. We feel uplifted when we gain a new insight that changes our perspective completely and when we learn something new that forever transforms us.

Each of us has that power to inspire other people. Within all of us lies a wonderful teacher, a soul that greatly inspires others to seek the highest good and to engage fully in life, merely by expressing our authentic self. Embrace that inner teacher and know that you have something very valuable to offer everyone around you. Share your lessons freely and receive wisdom from others with openness, joy, and love. ~ Oprah & Deepak Chopra Desire and Destiny 


CENTERING THOUGHT FOR TODAY:    The world is waiting for my vision.


Your Intention


>>>>This is not for everyone, but can be for you…




Teachers in your lifeWho is someone you consider a significant and meaningful teacher in your life? What important teachings did you receive from them? How has crossing paths with this person influenced how you live and share with others?




You the teacherHow are you a teacher in your life? If you feel like you are not a teacher, take a deep breath, connect with your heart for a few minutes, and then ask yourself that question again. Maybe you teach the fine art of being light-hearted, or through your loyal friendship, perhaps you teach others by daring to authentically speak your truth. Take your time and write the many ways you are teaching others by just being you.



What Are You Grateful For Today?



What are you grateful for today?




From Oprah & Chopra 21 Day Meditation Experience Desire and Destiny


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