12 Ways to Heal Stress

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  1.    Back away from being demanding, critical, and perfectionist.
    2.    Be more consistent and less changeable in what you ask of others.
    3.    Never show disrespect for other workers or their work.
    4.    Maintain a dignified work environment
    5.    Give other people their own space.
    6.    Deal with your own stress instead of passing it down the line.
    7.    Don’t burden others with your personal issues; keep it professional.
    8.    Never offer criticism in public.
    9.    Take a personal interest in others, offering appreciation and praise.
    10.   Be loyal; show that you can be trusted.
    11.   When someone else is talking, pay attention and then follow through if they need something.
    12.   Ask for more input from others, showing that you value their experience and knowledge.

Kahren Young

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