How to Live Youthfully – 7 Key Steps

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Our Goal in our life should be to live life more youthfully, do you agree?  In other words, live  with more energy, hope, less pain, a positive attitude, less health problems and diseases.

Here’s a very interesting Infographic showing you how to live youthfully…



We therefore need to follow a healthy lifestyle with a better diet, exercising more and managing stress in our lives.

Heart disease is still the 1 cause of death, which can be totally prevented. And so can strokes and heart attacks, which is the 2 killer.

Both of these have to do with life-style and can be prevented if people just did the right things.

Cancer is 3 and this one is a combination of lifestyle and genetics. It can’t be completely prevented like the other 2 diseases, but it  can be REDUCED greatly.

Yes, you do live longer by reducing your calories and eating less, but it is also very important to eat right in order to keep your blood sugar levels healthy. This will will reduce most diseases AND cancer as well!  Focus more on eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

IMPORTANT:  Focus on living healthy and have positive thoughts every day.  You can prepare for the worst, but always expect the best!!! Smile and laugh often….it’s good for your mind and body!

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Kahren Young

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