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Looking to burn calories and build muscle?  It’s as easy as putting on your sneakers and going for a walk!



This fitness plan really works!


This routine combines intervals with strength moves to help you drop pounds and tone up.


Here are just a few of the benefits of walking.
As well as being a great way to get around, walking is:


  • good for your health – it has numerous benefits including reducing your risk of diabetes
  • convenient – you can just get up and go when it suits you
  • free – it won’t cost you a penny as you don’t pay for fuel, parking or transport fares
  • predictable – you’re in control so you don’t have the stress of late buses and traffic jams
  • sociable – you can do it with a friend or colleague and chat as you go
  • a great way to discover new areas – it’s amazing what you find just from taking a different route
  • one way to improve your environment – walking instead of driving means less pollution and hence better air quality


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