7 Tips for Mindful Eating

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Mindfulness helps you break free from routine eating habits by examining the thoughts, feelings and internal pressures that affect how and why you eat (or don’t eat).  When you are mindful you are fully present, in-the-moment without judgment. When it comes to eating, mindfulness helps you be alert and be able to recognize when your body is telling you when you are hungry and full.  Many social and environmental factors can stand in the way of being able to accurately decode your body’s signals.


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7 Tips for Mindful Eating:


1. Shifting out of Autopilot Eating

Notice whether you are stuck in any kind of rut or routine.  Are you eating the same thing day in and day out?


 2. Taking Mindful Bites

Bring all of your senses to the dinner table. Experience each bite from start to finish. Breathe in the aroma of the food you are eating. Notice the texture of your meal and truly taste your meal.


3. Attentive Eating

Try to avoid multitasking while you eat. When you eat, just eat.


4. How Hungry Are You?

Each time you eat, ask yourself, “Am I physically hungry?” Aim to eat until you are satisfied, leaving yourself neither stuffed nor starving.


5. Thinking Mindfully

Negative thoughts can trigger overeating or stop you from adequately feeding your hunger. Remember: A thought is just a thought, not a fact.


6. Mindful Conversations

When you are with friends and family, be mindful of your gut reaction to “fat talk” (e.g. “I’m so fat!” or the “I’m so fat; No you’re not” debate). Keep in mind how the words might affect someone struggling with food issues.


7. Mindful Eating Support from Others

Friends provide an enormous amount of support, but often it’s helpful to obtain assistance or a second opinion from a trained professional.


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