Tuning Into Your Body..

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From my heart, when tuning into your body,  I want to tell your heart these words:



 You are stronger than you realise.

 Embrace all of who you are and live authentically. it is so much easier to just be yourself.

 Quit worrying about what others think.

 You are PURE LOVE; you always were.

 You did your best to cope in the situation that you were in and now its time to release these old patterns and behaviours.

 Let go of your old beliefs and dramas.

 No one holds your answers, no therapist the power to fix you – you may choose to listen to the advice and insight of others but never give your power away.

 Deep down in your heart and soul you know your answers; these come with a knowing – TRUST yourself.

 There is a greater force in our world called Spirit, Source, God or simply Love; allow its soothing presence into your life.

 You always were, and always will be able to handle things.

 Be grateful; find things to feel grateful for.

 Life is not meant to be tough or a punishment; our beliefs and choices and focus create our reality and our perspectives create our reactions to reality.

 You are allowed to feel; respect your heart’s desire to release emotions.
Allow love into your heart.

 Take fear out from your head… fear paralyses us.

 Forgive yourself.

 It’s great to be different, individual,  and whatever it is that you brings your uniqueness to the world.

 See others as they are; just like you a fellow being on a path of experience in life.

 Let go of control; something far greater is at work here. Trust in the process.

 Anxiety cannot kill us – sit with it. Stare it in the face and ask what it is telling you.

 If you feel worse around certain people or specific places examine this a little more. The chances are it is not ‘you’.

 Be true to yourself – it is not honouring your own true feelings to bypass deep emotions and simply short cut using affirmations or positive thinking. There is no shame in feeling anger, hurt, sadness or whatever it is that needs to come up. Consider doing this in a safe place and then gratefully let it go… no re-runs; let it GO!

 Acknowledge that everyone, more often than not, is doing the best that they can.

 Play with the thought that not everyone operates from the same value systems as you, or can open their hurt hearts the way that you may need them to – honour that perhaps they are doing the best that they can. It may be too painful for them to heal as we want them to right now. We all have our own pace. Don’t sabotage your journey feeling angry with someone who is not on the same awareness level or healing rate as you.


Accept yourself as the amazing person that you are. Forgive others and more importantly forgive yourself.

Trust in life….

The greatest lessons in life surround us in our experiences; You are the master of the outcome…

Being YOU is exactly the gift that the Universe intended when you were born!



Adapted from original article Healing How We Feel, by Andrea Cullen.


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