How Worrying About Money Affects Your Health

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Worrying about money can affect you in more ways than you may realize. New research has found that the risks of several significant health problems increase when people worry about their financial situation.

money-stressWhile it is not surprising that the main source of stress for most people is money, this new research has found just what people can expect from their worries. In a comparison of people who had a high level of stress over debt and those who did not, it was found that people with high stress levels were twice as likely to have a heart attack compared with those who did not worry about their financial situation. The poll, conducted by the Associated Press and AOL, also found that:


Ulcers or digestive tract problems — 27 percent of people with high stress over finances reported digestive problems versus 8 percent of people who did not worry about finances.

Headaches or migraines —44 percent of people financially stressed reported having migraines versus 4 percent of people with low financial stress.

Depression– 23 percent of people with financial stress were depressed, compared with 4 percent of people who were not stressed.

Muscle tension or lower back pain — Highly stressed people were 65 percent more likely to suffer from back pain and muscle tensions than those with low stress.


financial stress


Research has shown that people who take an active role in planning and learning about their finances are less stressed and more confident in their financial situations.


Starting your own business can be the solution to your problems.


Becoming an entrepreneur can be a challenging endeavor, and achieving entrepreneurial success under any circumstances is a great accomplishment.  Most of us  have to overcome more obstacles than just applying for a bank loan or learning how to market a product.  Many people have to defy incredible personal odds — including serious diseases, extreme injuries and even blindness.


Many individuals, especially those who suffer personal tragedies or lose their jobs or businesses, feel defeated and want to quit on their dreams. But this is the wrong approach to take.


Don’t give up, don’t give in — just get back up and start rebuilding your life as quickly as possible.


If you are in this situation, you might find these business opportunities helpful to ease your stress and start rebuilding your life almost immediately by generating revenue:


  1.  Email Marketing Business from Home

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2.   Embroidery Business from Home

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3.  Social Media Paid Jobs

Thousands of businesses need help managing their social media accounts, and now thanks to you can get paid to do simple tasks like posting status updates, uploading videos or replying to comments.




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