[Bucket List] Travel to the Holy Land

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Hey everyone!



Yes!!!  I’m getting ready for my big dream:  Travel to the Holy Land  –  It’s been on my Travel Bucket List for years!



Well guess what, my mother-in-law invited my sister-in-law, my husband and myself to travel with her to the Holy Land.  Can you imagine?  This is a GREAT gift!


But, I didn’t think I could make the trip though…


I’ve shared this with some of you before:  December 2015 and the first couple of months of 2016 have been very tough.  My mom, who is 89 years old,  was very ill suffering from heart failure and high blood pressure.   She was falling once or twice every week and, unfortunately, fractured her humerus on one of these falls.  She could not undergo surgery because of her delicate heart condition and had to suffer tremendous pain, specially for the first month.




Fortunately, after all our prayers, a miracle has occurred and she has recovered almost completely and her humerus is healing too, not exactly how it was supposed to,  but has very minor pain and can move her shoulder and elbow a little. The Doctor thinks she will be able to improve her range of mobility with Physical Therapy and has begun therapy!   Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and healing my mom!  Our family, friends and our local community have been praying for her recovery since her health started deteriorating.


I prayed to the Lord night and day, asking him for strength to accept his will.  I was ready for the worst, but prayed for her healing if this was the Lord’s will, and also prayed for his compassion and mercy on my mom if the time had arrived for her to leave us.    A miracle has happened…the Lord has answered and she has recovered!


When I saw that my mom was recovering, I  asked the Lord, that if it was his will that we make the trip to the Holy Land, that he make it work out and he has done this too!  We are heading to Europe and the Holy Land on May 12th!!!  Thank you Lord for this great Gift!


“The Lord’s mercy and compassion for His children is really without measure, as the distance of heavens from the earth. We are vessels of mercy, vessels prepared by Him for glory! He has surrounded us with His love and compassion. He is rich in mercy.”


I’ll be posting about my trip in the coming weeks!  I hope you don’t think I’m bragging about it…I really want to share this great experience with everyone. Wishing you can cross out “Traveling to Europe & The Holy Land” from your bucket list if it’s on your list too!  Or you can learn all about the Holy Land through my pictures and my posts.


overpacking Please help me pack!

I need suggestions as to what I need to pack for this trip…I’ll be traveling with a 24″ size suitcase and an underseat carry on!!!!!!  And I’m known to overpack!


Please send your recommendations and suggestions to my email or add them on the comments section down below!







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