7 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Life

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Here are 7 easy steps and very specific tools for simplifying your life, recommended by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Begin using them today if you’re serious about hearing that ultimate call to inspiration!


In order to be receptive to inspiration, we need to eliminate the ego clutter that accumulates all too easily for most of us.  In order to achieve a reunion with our ultimate calling, we need to emulate the clear, uncomplicated world of Spirit:


  • We’d have a mental energy that allowed us to move forward or backward, up or down, instantly creating whatever we desired.
  • We’d be in a state of pure bliss, in love with everything and everyone.
  • We’d have no duties or bills to tend to, no fear of losing anything, no one judging us, no possessions to insure, no demands on our time, and no goals to achieve.


Summary:  we’re envisioning the world of Spirit, which we experienced before we came here and will return to when we shed our body


We have to have faith that our spiritual connection flourishes in a life dedicated to joy, love, and peace. If our daily activities are so overwhelming that we don’t make [joy, love, and peace] our priority, then we’re disregarding the value of living a simple life.


“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” — Bruce Lee


7 Steps to Simplify Your Life

1.  Unclutter Your Life




Clear out stuff that’s no longer useful in your life:

If you haven’t worn it in the past year or two, recycle it for others to use.




Get rid of old files that take up space and are seldom, if ever, needed.

Donate unused toys, tools, books, bicycles, and dishes to a charitable organization.



2. Clear your calendar of unwanted and unnecessary activities and obligations.

calendarGod will work with you and send you the guidance—and the people—you need, but if you’re grossly overscheduled, you’re going to miss these life-altering gifts. Practice saying no to excessive demands.  Also don’t feel guilty about taking a dose of leisure time into your daily routine.


3.  Keep your free time free.

If cocktail parties, social get-togethers, fund-raising events, or even drinking-and-gossiping gatherings with friends aren’t really how you want to spend your free time, then don’t. Begin declining invitations that don’t activate feelings of inspiration.


4.  Take time for meditation and yoga.

yoga- meditation


Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to sit quietly and make conscious contact with God.





5.  Return to the simplicity of nature.

walkingThere’s nothing more awe inspiring than nature itself. The fantasy to return to a less tumultuous life almost always involves living in the splendor of the mountains, the forests, or the tundra; on an island; near the ocean; or beside a lake.  We’re made of the same chemicals as nature.



Give yourself permission to get away to trek or camp in the woods; swim in a river, lake, or ocean; sit by an open fire; ride horseback through trails; or ski down a mountain slope. Enjoy a feeling of being connected to the entire Universe.



6.  Put distance between you and your critics.

Your life is simplified enormously when you don’t have to defend yourself to anyone, and when you receive support rather than criticism. Choose to align yourself with like-minded people.  Remove yourself from those who find fault or who are confrontational.


7.  Take some time for your health.

runningSimplify yourself from being an exerciser and a sensible eater.  Remember that your body is a sacred temple where you reside for this lifetime, so make some time every single day for exercising it.  Respect your sacred temple and simplify your life by being an exerciser and a sensible eater.


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