4 Simple Basic Steps to Attract Success Into Your Life

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Are you stuck? I was too! Here are 4 basic simple steps for you to try out to attract success into your life.

Is the idea of tapping into the law of attraction and achieving wealth and success more than just a little appealing?

Follow these 4 simple steps to begin attracting success into your life:


Step 1: Define success


What may look like success to you might look very different to another person. To be certain you’re attracting that which you desire, it’s good to first get clear on what you’re hoping to attract into your life. The Universe responds to our thoughts and words. Therefore, you need to be specific about what you would like to manifest in your life. Writing your own clear definition of success will help you attract it.

Step 2: Visualize success as a present reality


The law of attraction calls us to “see” what we desire as already manifest. In so doing, you are attracting success, wealth or whatever you envision in your life. Spend some time every day visualizing what you desire in the way of wealth and success as if it’s already yours.

Step 3: Affirmative prayer


Affirmative prayer differs from traditional prayer in the sense that as you pray, you state your desires as if they’ve already occurred. An affirmation prayer may be: “I’m now attracting wealth and success into my life; it’s already a part of my world. Thank you.”

In this manner, you affirm the existence of prosperity in your life and give gratitude for its existence. These short affirmations can be jotted down on sticky notes and placed where you’ll be able to see them a few times a day: your mirror, your computer or your kitchen window. When you see the note, read it — and believe it.

Step 4: Set goals

Set realistic goals for attracting success. Break larger goals down into smaller steps by writing down specifics of how you see wealth and success appearing in your life. Pick a few dates in the future that you plan to see these steps accomplished.

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