The Three Best Affirmation Hacks Ever

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So,  you’ve used affirmations before, but they didn’t work? Whether it is affirmations for love, affirmations for money or affirmations for health, these tips will help you on your way.

We get told all the time that affirmations work, but maybe you haven’t experienced the results you expected and nothing actually magically appeared into your existence.

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to do affirmations. Simply repeating a mantra over and over again is a long, drawn out way to create change. You may see some success but this could take months, even years.

The key is to add feeling to your affirmations. Adding feelings and emotions to your affirmations is the quickest, most powerful technique to see results.

Here are three easy affirmation hacks for you to try out:


Affirmation Hack 1:


Gratitude – 

Cultivating a sense of gratitude literally raises your energy up to receive. We close the gap between ‘wanting’ and ‘having’ with gratitude. This is the gap that creates a dissonance between where you are right now and where you want to be, leaving you in a state of desperate wanting and keeping your desires at bay.

I really believe that by adding gratitude to affirmations, you can actually increase their power.


It’s not the same to say:

“I am healthy.”


Instead, you should say:

“I’m so happy and grateful that I get to experience amazing health. I love my body.”


Affirmation Hack 2:

Tune Into Energy

energyThis might be difficult at first, but with a bit of practice, you can feel the energy of the thing that you want to create.

When meditating, ask to feel the energy of gratitude. Imagine it pouring into your body and energy field through the top of your head. Imagine it radiating out from you as far as it will go.

  • Now ask to feel the energy of love and repeat.
  • Now the energy of success. Feel it pour into your crown chakra and disperse throughout your whole body.
  •  Try some other energies.

When you feel and become the energy of the thing you want to create, it has an easier time finding you. If you want to create success but you feel unsuccessful in life, then you’re not in alignment with your desired outcome.

When you are in that relaxed state, feeling the energy, try saying some affirmations and see how they feel. They should feel more natural and true. You will easily be able to feel the emotion around them and get excited.

Focus energy

Affirmation Hack 3:

writingWrite, Write, Write

The act of writing your affirmations down seems to solidify them somewhat. Committing them to paper helps you to focus intently on them. Writing your affirmations down will also help you to remember to do them later on in the day to avoid forgetting them.

After you have written them down a few times, try to think about why you want that particular desire. What would it bring to your life? How would it make you feel? Do you have any beliefs standing in your way that you may need to re-evaluate?

Imagine a scene in your mind in which your desire has already manifested and start to feel happy emotions around that scene. Smiling while visualizing your desires!


Adapted from Original Article written by Natalie Fox

(Author of Gratitude Journal: 100 Days of Gratitude Will Change Your Life)


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