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Did you know that Eastern traditions teach that there are two types of happiness? The first kind comes from things turning out the way we’d like them to. This is known as happiness for a reason. We say, “I’m happy because I have a family and friends,” or “I’m happy because I got a promotion,” or “I’m happy because I’m going on vacation,” and so on. This kind of happiness depends on external reasons that can be taken away from us at any time. We can can lose our home, our job, our savings, our health, and our loved ones at any time. These are temporary, external sources of happiness that come and go like a passing breeze.

The second type of happiness is an internal state of consciousness that allows us to be happy for no reason at all. It is independent of the circumstances, events, people, and things in our lives. This happiness comes from the realization that our true self isn’t our body, thoughts, emotions, personality, possessions, accomplishments, relationships, or any other time-bound attribute. Our essential nature is pure, unbounded consciousness, also known as the field of all possibilities. The attributes of this field include happiness, love, timelessness, compassion, creativity, wisdom, silence, and grace.

3 Easy Steps to Reach Our Inner Happiness –
No one can take this happiness away from me…..

1. Identify Your True Source of Happiness –
Our inner happiness can become obscured by being lost in fear and limitation from emotional turmoil, limiting thought patterns and limited awareness. The good news is that we can rise again and find the source of happiness within us.
2. Cultivating Your Intentions –
Choose your intentions. Be clear as to what you desire and set this as your intention. This is like planting a seed in the fertile garden of pure potentiality. As we nurture that seed while simultaneously releasing any attachment to the outcome, we come fully into the present moment. We then take action and experience the expansion of joy, love, and harmony.
Your intention should be a simple one. Here are a few ideas:
My intention is to . . .

¥ Be happy for no reason at all.
¥ Awaken to love and happiness.
¥ Live with a light heart and spirit.
¥ Open my heart to happiness.
¥ Follow my joy.

This is your own personal intention. It’s best to write your intentions in positive language rather than in terms of what you don’t want,. This will generate a field of awareness that feels whole, content, and complete.

Intentions also tend to be more powerful when we write them down where we can see them throughout the day. You can create a Vision Board for this.
Then tape it to your computer monitor, a bathroom mirror, your car dashboard, and anywhere else that you will see it regularly to remind you of your deepest intention for happiness.
3. Affirming Wellbeing Through Affirmations (Mantras) –
Guided Meditation will help you go deep into your own inner silence, moving into the world of spirit where you can manifest your own happiness and wellbeing through positive affirmations.

Click here to download a 
Happiness Guided meditation.

For More Meditation or Relax Music Click Here:
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YOGA – “The Happy Pose”

trikonasana pose - happy pose


The basic triangle or trikonasana is the recommended pose that provides an excellent stretch throughout the entire body. This pose is a good choice if you are feeling sad or depressed, or anytime you want to open yourself up to a flow of positive energy.
The “happy pose” opens your heart center and allows joy to fill your body. This pose also relieves tension in your neck and back, tones leg muscles, improves circulation, and strengthens the lower back.

If you are new to yoga, you may wish to begin with Standing Side Bend to strengthen your torso. This pose is less intense, yet offers many of the same benefits as the Triangle pose. As you begin to feel more flexible, gradually move into Triangle.




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