4 Powerful Steps to Finding Your Purpose In Life

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So many of us go through life feeling deep inside that we’re not living up to our full potential. An understanding that there’s more to life than the 9-to-5 job, getting married, having kids and saving enough money for a comfortable retirement and some fun things to pass the time until we die.

Life_on_purpose-for-eLearning-Course-Images-CIRCULAR.0241Often, we think that “finding our purpose” means discovering some great calling or to do hugely important things in the world.  That’s simply not true.

We were all born with with different personalities, passions and skills. If you feel called to make art, then you were put here to make art. If you feel called to write, record, build, design, speak or explore, then you were put here to do just that.

We have to find what lights us up, what we feel called to do, and do it.

Desires  can be excellent tools in guiding you toward what you need next in your life, but it’s important to distinguish between the two.

Callings draw you toward them. They start as a tiny nagging thought or feeling, then begin to consume your mind and drive your everyday life. They can’t be ignored. You’ll feel a sense of urgency and a strong inclination to follow a calling.

Your views, experiences, voice and ideas are meant to be shared and your calling will align itself with some way to express these things.  Your calling is as unique as you are.

How are you bringing love and light to the world? If you aren’t sure how to uncover your calling, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Notice what captivates you.   PassionLoveLife

Check out your bedside reading table, your Amazon wish list, and the collection of blogs you follow. What excites you most, or enrages you? What would you like to write about? Why?

2. Take your life inventory, reflecting past callings.

Acknowledge what you learned from acting on older callings, and see if anything from those experiences remains alive for you. Retrieve bits that might help you in deciphering your current calling. Put your old callings to rest if they are no longer alive for you, so you can open space for new callings to arise.

3. Journal on what your calling is.

Write out 50 responses to the question: “What is my calling?” Put pen to paper and go! Do not pause or edit, and do not stop before you get to 50. Your calling will make itself known. It will probably also make you cry. This is good news.

Enjoy Steve Pavlina’s Podcast – “What is your Purpose?” –

Revealing how to find your SPECIFIC purpose in life:  What's Your Purpose?

*  What do I need to do?

*  What can I do to fulfill my purpose? What am I capable of?

*  What do I want to do? (You’re thinking about your dreams)

*  What should I do? What difference should I make?

4. Use your values as a guide.     core values

Make a list of your core values (these are qualities that make you, you; they aren’t who you think you should be, but rather who you already are). How are you honoring those values in your life right now? What information do your values give you about your calling?

Living our lives by honoring our callings creates deep contentment and, by extension, a more vibrant world. What’s whispering in your ear? What will you do about it?

Are you doing exactly what you think you were put here on Earth to be doing?

If you think you might NOT be doing exactly what you were meant to be doing on this earth, you can discover your true mission (and also why you haven’t been as successful as you want to be.

Open up:  it’ll be worth it  🙂         Click Here to discover your purpose in life:

Life Purpose

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