Is the Fast Metabolism Diet Right for You?

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Is the Fast Metabolism Diet Right for You?

This eating plan is healthy for everyone.  You may be the only one in your household trying to lose weight, but the whole family can benefit from this eating plan.   Anyone on the diet will experience better health by eating the foods listed in Pomroy’s plan.


If you are overweight to begin with:

Your excess pounds will come off as you follow the diet.



For those with health issues, following the Fast Metabolism Diet will optimise your body’s ability to heal itself. When youngsters are provided the nutrients needed to build healthy strong bodies they thrive.


In other words:

This is an eating plan for life and living for the whole family.

Everyone has something to gain.

An optimized health plan means you will have more energy to burn and  this will lead to a fuller and more active lifestyle.

You will look better and feel great.

But don’t forget to  discuss any new eating plan with your family doctor, especially if you have an existing health condition.

Haylie PomroyPomroy states that on The Fast Metabolism Diet  you’re going to eat a lot, and still lose weight. What you’re not going to do is count a single calorie or fat gram. Instead, you’re going to rotate what you’re eating throughout each week according to a simple and proven plan carefully designed to induce precise physiological changes that will set your metabolism on fire.

  • Phase One (Monday-Tuesday): Lots of carbs and fruits
  • Phase Two (Wednesday-Thursday): Lots of proteins and veggies
  • Phase Three (Friday-Saturday-Sunday): All of the above, plus healthy fats and oils
  • Repeat for four weeks!



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