Praying for Prosperity

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Do you feel selfish when praying for prosperity?  You are not alone, many people feel this way.   All too often, that stops them.  But guilt doesn’t need to get in the way of prosperity.


Think about this:

If your attitude is one of using prosperity to help others, but also taking responsibility for your own body and family, then selfishness doesn’t come into play. It’s all in the attitude.   When you look at prosperity as a responsibility in helping others, then guilt doesn’t even come close.

Selfishness is bad. And selfishness is one of the ingredients that gets in the way of prayer done right. Taking care of your own self can be a good thing; it all depends on the motivation.

When you have the power of prayer, you don’t need to worry ever again. God has infinite abundance and is delighted to share. But this means that you need to be equally happy to share. I know this isn’t easy.  It takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, prosperity flows through you from an infinite source.


You never have to be worried again.

Have you ever experienced a time when your life went smoothly and everything seemed to go right? Okay, now consider this: Have you ever experienced a time when just about everything wrong happened and nothing went right?

Amazingly, I found out that both of these are caused by the same thing. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle showed me how to control the source of these two outcomes so I could choose the right outcome for me.

Through time, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my life.  Lots of little things and several really big ones have made my life a dream come true.

It all has to do with the feeling with which you live life. Some people live life with worry and wonder why things are so difficult all the time. The feeling is the prayer!

Once you have the right feeling, everything seems to go perfectly right. Cultivate having that feeling all the time and life suddenly becomes perfect, virtually all the time.

Set your goals and write them as if your goals have already been accomplished.  The feeling you get by saying the goal is the feeling that tends to activate the manifestation of the goal. The wording of the goal triggers an actual prayer. When I understood this, I was sold on the 7 Day Prayer Miracle!


Be Ready for a Life Full of Abundance?

Set your goals as big as you can possible dream….in other words, Dream Big!

But there’s nothing wrong with shooting for a really big goal.  When you have the right attitude, you come up with solutions instead of problems.

Big goals fire the imagination. They get us to pray deeply. And when we have all the ingredients of effective prayer, we’re tapping into the source of all prosperity in the universe. Click below to discover how 7 Day Prayer Miracle can help you take control of your own mind and gain the abundance and prosperity you deserve.


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