Having Money Troubles?

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A friend posted this on Facebook and want to share it with you!


“I saw this, so I thought I would share it with you all.

Having money troubles?

Write a love letter to money everyday for 21 days.

“Dear money …………….”

Love money up, be creative and bold, and feel freedom in doing this, and it will love you back. Money is creative energy, and energy comes from Source, thus money comes from Source. And Source adores you beyond Absolutely. Money is a flow of unconditional love. it flows to you, is held for just a moment, blesses you, is blessed by you, and flows on to others.
Love the money you give on to pay your bills. How beautiful and amazing is that? This IS abundance in experience and action. Write that love letter for what it is, for what it does, and for your immense gratitude. Expand and deepen your love with it as as an energetic flow as it moves through you for this next 21 days, each letter unique, felt, playful, and power filled.”

Watch for the MAGIC and EXPECT miracles!

Kahren Young

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