10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for the Host or Hostess

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The winter season is a time to come together and reconnect with friends and family.  This holiday season, say thanks to the friends and family who make you feel at home with a thoughtful healthy gift.  Why not put a little extra thought into your holiday host & hostess gifts this season?

There is a circle of energy to giving and receiving. I agree with the philosophy of giving of one of the swamis at a monastery in Kauai:  he always chooses either something he has made or grown himself or something he would want to receive. This is a great filter through which to view host/hostess gifting.

Find the perfect way to show appreciation for your host and hostess with these thoughtful  gift ideas.


1. Homemade Jam, Preserves, or Chutney

Sharing your homemade fruits & preserves is a wonder gift for any host/hostess. Homemade preserves can contain local healthy ingredients and less sugar and additives than the store-bought options.


2. Scent Diffuser or Essential Oils



The spicy and sweet aromas often connected to the holiday season can spark joyful memories and strong emotions. They can also offer health benefits. Pure essential oil scents like cinnamon, pine, peppermint, or frankincense—all classic holiday scents—can help you weather seasonal stress. What better gift to help your host/hostess relax after the festivities?


3. Kitchen Towel Wrapped Fruit Bowl



A kitchen towel is a classic hostess gift when you’re invited to a meal, but when it’s already sweetly packaged within a pretty fruit bowl, it makes for an irresistible gift. (And no wrapping required!)


4. A Potted Plant

Potted plants are similar in price to cut flowers but they last longer. Bringing a little outdoor greenery inside during the winter is a fabulous mood boost too!  A Rosemary plant would be great too!  Give the chef his or her very own rosemary plant, a practical gift that can be used indoors all winter long, and, with a green thumb, can be replanted in the garden in the spring. Plus, the scent of rosemary is always welcome during the holidays.


5.  Coffee & Baked Goods



If you’re attending a  Christmas or New Year’s party, it’s likely the host will be very tired the next morning.  The host might even have a hangover and a messy house! Nothing would be more thoughtful than a bag of coffee and baked goods, ready to comfort the hostess on the morning after. Scones and muffins would be great; pair with a bag of coffee and you’ve got a perfect gift!


6.  Cheese Torte & More



Food is always a good idea. Try bringing an appetizer your host can use the night of the party, or something such as a frozen casserole, ready to pop in the oven for brunch or dinner the day after the festivities.








7.  A Book You Love


When I find a book that is powerfully moving or inspiring, I want to share it with all my friends. What better way than to leave one at the end of the party, perhaps with a note explaining what you think they’ll like about it or why it spoke to you.


8.  Doormat

If you’re traveling to another home for a holiday stay, greet your generous family with a “Hey Y’all” doormat that will thrill your host family.  They’ll remember you every time they enter their home!


9.  Notecards & Notepads

Notecards and notepads are easy-to-wrap gifts that always put a smile on your hostess’ face.


10. Spa at Home



Treat your hosts to a luxury in-home spa with some bath salts, massage oils, or a sleep mask. Everyone loves to be pampered!

Always make sure that your gifts align with who you are and how you want to define yourself. Gifts from the heart impact both the giver and the receiver so be really intentional in spreading happiness and health this holiday season.


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Adapted from original article written by Tamara Lechner, Certified Instructor: Meditation, and published by chopra.com 


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