Day 13 – The Joy of Finding Self-Worth [Oprah and Deepak Chopra Teachings]

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Getting Unstuck – Creating a Limitless Life – Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation Experience


These are amazing notes – not transcripts –  from Deepak and Oprah’s meditation challenge, Getting Unstuck, Creating a Limitless Life, written by DoinTheGratefulDance .  I have enjoyed several of the meditation series Oprah and Deepak Chopra have shared.  I am not affiliated with them – just a grateful listener too and wanted to share these wonderful notes.    I couldn’t have done a better job!  Thanks for sharing these notes!


Day 13 – “The Joy of Finding Self-Worth”
“Being fully present is being awake to the movement and creation of life, being alive to the process of life itself.” – Pema Chodron


Message of the Day:  

Today’s meditation is about our always infinite self-worth.  It’s already there – we just need to recognize it as our essential nature.  It has nothing to do with ego and personality but about our true being and our unique and vital role in the cosmos.  Spiritual self-worth is joyful and natural, self-affirming.My life is dynamic because I welcome change”

“I deserve a life without limitations”


Sanskrit Mantra:  

Siddo Hum (sounds like Sid-doh Hum )
I am perfect and complete”


Oprah says….

She tells us we each have a unique and personal calling that is like a fingerprint.  We’re worthy simply because here here and that we only need to accept and honor our uniqueness and extend it into the world.   That’s why we’re here.   When we can stop judging and doubting ourselves, we begin to take risks and express who we really are.  That’s being unstuck.  We’ll attract all that is better and brighter – in every way.


Oprah quotes Marianne Williamson when she says, ‘We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented.  Actually who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”  Oprah says that when we are liberated from our fear, our presence actually liberates others.  She says, “Expect your life to be full and beautiful.  Magnify your own qualities of light and love.  You will break out of your own stuckness and you’ll have the energetic voltage to electrify possibilities all around you.  I think that’s pretty exciting. ”


Deepak says….

The biggest reason we live with limitations is self-judgement and that closes off many possibilities because we clamp down a lid on our expectations.   Our cells see every particle of nourishment even though we see nourishment within narrow limits.   When we  emotionally and psychologically accept confidence as our cells see it and embrace life, our creative intentions are much easier to activate.

Some people think of our saying we “deserve”,  as egotistical and boastful – and it can be a pitfall but self-worth isn’t about ego – it’s about using desire to be unstuck.  When we feel worthy, we automatically know that we can and should have all good things in life – not material things but lasting fulfillment.  When we have low self-worth, we have suppressed desires and low expectations.   When we self-judge, we tend to defend against positive changes, feel that we don’t deserve, creativity feels too risky and doesn’t get activated and we find that the things we deeply want (and deserve) – love, grace, beauty, validity of our own truth get pushed away.

We encourage self-worth when we look beyond limitations every day and feel secure, expand our idea of who we really are.  The Worlds Wisdom Traditions teach that each soul plays a necessary part in the cosmos.  The present moment is unique in the entire universe  meaning that existence gives us the opportunity to create something new, unique and necessary.

No one is more unique than another person – we all have it and can be joyful and embrace life.  When we do, our desires enable us to participate fully in our existence, never shrinking or judging – ourselves or others.    Our existence then brings joy, love, beauty, truth, meaning and creativity.  They’re always there and we, as humans are the only creatures that can magnify and use these qualities.  Deepak says that once we realize this, our worth is beyond compare.

Repeat to myself,
“I deserve a life without limitations
I deserve a life without limitations”


Listen to some relaxing music, breathe slowly and deeply,  become more and more relaxed, and meditate for about 10 minutes using the Sanskrit mantra –

“Siddo Hum (sounds like Sid-doh Hum )
I am perfect and complete”

Deepak says the mantra means “my essential nature is always complete, whole and perfect.”
Siddo Hum
Siddo Hum

Siddo Hum


Continue meditating  for about 10 minutes and then release the mantra.  Concentrate on the centering thought:   being fulfilled and being who you want to be and repeating:

“I deserve a life without limitations
I deserve a life without limitations”


Reflections on Day 13, write about it…

  • Write about moments in my day when I feel most worthy, helpful, assured and successful.  Reflect on the details letting the positive feelings really sink in.
  • Describe moments in my day when I feel shaky, self-doubting, inadequate, threatened, anxious or uneasy.  How can I improve the situation next time?  (Listen more without commenting? Becoming more informed in advance? Not using self-judging language?)
  • Pick one thing that I’d like to feel more confident about and imagine I’m with someone who has the same trait but doesn’t worry or feel bad about it.  Mentally absorb that person’s confidence and describe how it feels to be confident in spite of the negative thing.  Silently and secretly pretend I’m that confident person this week.  Write about it – any change and feelings that occurred at the end of the week.

Oprah lessons  written by by DoinTheGratefulDance

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