Pets Love Yoga, Too! Here’s the Adorable Proof

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Pets, our “Best Friends,” they’re just like us!  They like to practice yoga, too. Or maybe just snuggle and nuzzle and adorably interrupt us while we’re trying to practice.  Here are some fun instagram photos of, well, pets and yoga, via refinery29.  We’re always sharing photos and our pets just can’t resist joining in on the fun too!

Have one of your own? You can share them here with us or, there’s a whole hashtag thing going on at #petsloveusdoingyoga, which is less about the picture “perfect” pose and more about sharing the reality of doing yoga with pets in the room.   We know this  can be a  fuzzy combination of adorable, annoying and sometimes acrobatic depending on how  your pets are in your practice.

Scroll down through a few of our faves below:



via @suffocatinglove0


via @suffocatinglove0



via @menakays



via @saaammie



via @chintwins



via @nerdontherun



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