The little things that matter…

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No matter how difficult things are right now;

Please – Hold on to Hope, and don’t give up.

Reprogram Your Brain To Be Happy!

You are Stronger than you think … Just Believe!  Try and find Gratitude and Bliss in the Little Things around you.

The Rays of Sunshine on the window pane.



The scent of Flowers you never usually notice.




The Melody of a sweet Song …



The scent of Coffee … the laughter of a child.



Family and true friends.

Hugs and kisses.

The sweet moments of togetherness with people who really care.




In quiet moments of Solitude when you can take a deep breath.

Relax, and let the inner Peace with in you embrace you.




Happiness is Always, “Inside Out”‘

– Let it Begin with you. ♥

~ Kiran Shaikh


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