Empowered Me – [Oprah & Chopra Desire and Destiny Meditation Experience]

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Empowered Me

If  we explore the concept of Karma , the ebb and flow of energy in our lives, we discover that with awareness, we have the opportunity to mindfully harness this natural current to create a life where our dreams and desires open with effortless ease.

So often we hear about good Karma and bad Karma, but in reality, Karma  is simply a reciprocal exchange – what we give, we receive in kind. Through meditation, we connect more deeply with the present, increase our awareness of “what is,” and emerge from the silence with a sense of balance and a desire to make right, conscious choices in our lives. In this way, we begin to recognize our own undeniable role in creating the story of our lives and start to make choices that are most nurturing for ourselves and everyone around us. ~ Oprah & Deepak Chopra 


CENTERING THOUGHT FOR TODAY:   I am a powerful creator.



Powerful Mind Training

  •  As you give, so you receive. What ripple do you want to create in the world today? It could be as simple as creating a ripple of joy by sharing a smile, or a ripple of gratitude with a heartfelt “thank you.”

What are you doing every day, every hour and every moment that serves the larger context of your religious or philosophical beliefs about a life worth living? It is those moments, hours and days that add up to a life well-spent — a meaningful life.


  • Cultivating equanimity in your life is a powerful tool. What are the activities that bring you a sense of inner peace and balance? Reflect and write down whatever comes to you without effort or judgment. Along with current activities, include activities you have done in the past and some that you believe will nourish you in the future that you may not have tried yet. Consider scheduling one of those activities each day this week.
  •  What are you grateful for today?


From Oprah & Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation Experience Desire and Destiny

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