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Namaste…. the meaning is so awesome!

NamasteNamaste is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is an ancient language.
NAMA means BOW, AS means I, and TE means YOU,
so literally NAMASTE means,

“I bow to you”

Namaste. I honor the light in you that is the same as the light in me,
and when we both are in this place together, we know we are one.


Namaste is the divine spark in one person recognizing the divine spark in another.
The life in me sees and honors the life in you. This is an especially deep expression of respect.

Namaste recognizes the duality that has ever existed in this world and suggests an effort on our part to bring these two forces together. Ultimately leading to a higher unity and non-dual state of Oneness.

I recognize that we are all equal. I acknowledge that everyone is valuable in their own way and capable of expanding my horizons.

The way we live our daily lives has an enormous impact on those around us..
Instead of clinging to what separates us, practicing Namaste enables us to feel less alone in the world.

We must treat all people for what they are family and we should always show people the same generous level of kindness, care, compassion and understanding without any thoughts of self-interest—practice kindness.

**  May all beings find and hold happiness.
**  May we all be free from suffering and sickness.
**  May we all look in the mirror see all others reflecting back.

May we be all with One, living in Oneness, One family, One heart, a glowing heart of the brightest Light of the compassion.





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