The KEY To Unlock Every Mystery – [The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner]

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According to Joseph Benner in his book The Impersonal Life,  God reveals:

I first give you the Key that will unlock every mystery that now hides from you the secret of My Being.

This Key, when you once know how to use it, will open the door to all Wisdom and all Power in heaven and earth. Yes,  it will open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven, and then you have but to enter in to become consciously One with Me.

This Key is

“To THINK is to CREATE,” or

“As you THINK in your HEART, so is it with you”.

Stop and meditate on this that it may get firmly fixed in your mind.

A Thinker is a Creator.

A Thinker lives in a world of his own conscious creation.

When you once know how “to think,” you can create at will anything you wish, — whether it be a new personality, a new environment, or a new world.

 Here are some of the Truths hidden and controlled by this Key:

You have been shown how all consciousness is One, and how it is all My Consciousness, and yet is also yours and likewise that of the animal, the plant, the stone, and the invisible cell.

You have seen how this consciousness is controlled by My Will, which causes the invisible cells to unite and form the various organisms for the expression and use of the different Centers of Intelligence through which I desire to express.

But you cannot yet see how you can direct and control the consciousness of the cells of your own body, not to speak of those of other bodies, even if you and I and they are all one in consciousness and intelligence.

Consciousness seems to be an impersonal state of awareness, of waiting to serve or to be directed or used by some power latent in and intimately related to itself.

Man  seems to be the highest type of organism containing this consciousness, which is directed and used by this power within itself.

In Benner’s book The Impersonal Life, this power latent in man’s consciousness and in all consciousness is nothing but God’s Will, My Will. “For you know that all power is but the manifestation of My Will.”

 “So, every  thing, every condition, every event that ever transpired, was first an Idea in the mind. It was by desiring, by thinking, and by speaking forth the Word, that these ideas came into visible manifestation.”

This is the plan and process of all true thinking, and therefore of all Creation.

Listen! You have now and always have had, through this power of thinking, dominion over all the kingdoms of the earth. If you but know it. You have now, this moment, only to Think and SPEAK THE WORD, — realizing your power, and that I, God, your Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Self, will bring about the results, – – and the waiting consciousness of the invisible cells of all matter upon which your will and attention become focused, — which waiting consciousness is My consciousness, remember, — will begin immediately to obey and do exactly according to the image or plans you have prepared by you thinking.

For all things are made by the Word, and without the Word was not anything made that was made.

But first, “it is wholly necessary that you learn HOW to think, how to know Your thoughts, those directed by Me, from the thoughts of others; how to trace thoughts back to their source and to banish undesirable ones at will from your consciousness; and finally how to control and utilize your desires so that they will always serve YOU, instead of your being a slave to them.”

 You have within you all possibilities. For I AM there. ….”All you need to do is to turn within to Me, and let Me direct your thinking and your desires, let Me express whatever I will, you personally accepting and doing what I desire you to do. Then will your desires come true, your life become one grand harmony, your world a heaven and your self one with My Self.”

The Impersonal Life by Joseph S. Benner

I will now plant in your brain-mind an Idea. May It grow, mature and ripen into the glorious harvest of Wisdom which is awaiting you, — if you let Me direct Its growth and expression through you.

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