Day 6 – You Deserve More Than Second-Hand Experiences [Oprah and Deepak Chopra Teachings]

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Getting Unstuck – Creating a Limitless Life – Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation Experience


These are amazing notes – not transcripts –  from Deepak and Oprah’s meditation challenge, Getting Unstuck, Creating a Limitless Life, written by DoinTheGratefulDance .  I have enjoyed several of the meditation series Oprah and Deepak Chopra have shared.  I am not affiliated with them – just a grateful listener too and wanted to share these wonderful notes.    I couldn’t have done a better job!  Thanks for sharing these notes!


Day 6 – “You Deserve More Than Second-Hand Experiences”


“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” – Henry David Thoreau


Message of the Day:  

Today’s meditation teaches us about living in awareness and authentically from our true selves – in thoughts, feelings and behavior as opposed to experiencing life driven by someone else’s beliefs expectations and demands and living with the resulting pressures, frustrations and feeling stuck in our lives.   First-hand experience is living our lives from within – our true selves, and finding love, beauty and joy in every one of our experiences – large and small.  “Today I am completely free of the past”
Sanskrit Mantra:  

“Rasa Hum” (sounds like Rah-sah Hum) I am life’s vitality – means
my life expresses the joy and freedom of all life in every moment”

Oprah says….
“One of my deepest desires is for people to live the highest expression of themselves.”  She remembers early in her career when she tried to imitate Barbara Walters until she discovered that she could be a better Oprah than she could be Barbara.  Infinite possibilities opened for her when she stopped imitating and instead expressed her true self.

Consider our lives and identify second-hand experiences – following someone else’s script, allowing and being controlled by old stories that replay over and over in our heads.   She says to listen to ourselves – for hesitancy, fixed opinions and perspectives, replaying tapes and then decide to rewrite our own story – we can decide what that journey will be.

We need to commit ourselves to each moment and experience it as new and fresh and truly believe from our very being that every single breath is ours, and know that we can live our story exactly as we wish – whatever we desire.  We’re the authors of our moments.  That is living creatively, free and unstuck.

Deepak says….

We know that it’s important to live creatively and free and we can imagine how every day can renew itself but how do we actually make that happen?  We need to develop a new mental attitude – refuse to accept second-hand experiences.  Ask for and create our own first-hand experiences.

This means, we don’t do what someone else  – parents, friends, immediate family or people at work  – tells or expects of us if it is not living true to ourselves.   We respect and place value on the feelings of others and avoid being rebellious, but choose to be the author of our own life experience.  We can tell when we are not living true to ourselves because we feel frustrated and pressured and relieved when we can simply be ourselves again.  Pay attention to your personal feelings – our emotions are a subtle guide.

Just like the feelings of falling in love – the newness, excitement, original and immediate thrill, living the first-hand experience of loving each moment – even when nothing is big is happening – allows us to say it was our day and no one else’s, that we authored our own day.  That’s the highest form of creativity and freedom.   The beauty of life – loving each moment.


Listen to some relaxing music, breathe slowly and deeply, become more and more relaxed, and meditate for about 10 minutes using the Sanskrit mantra,

“Rasa Hum” (sounds like Rah-sah Hum) I am life’s vitality”

Continue meditating  for about 10 minutes and then release the mantra.  Concentrate on the centering thought:   being fulfilled and being who you want to be and repeating:
“Today I am completely free of the past”
“Today I am completely free of the past”


Reflections on Day 6, write about it…

  • Write 3 experiences that don’t represent who I really am – trying to live up to somebody else’s expectations, “go along to get along”
  • Imagine how it would feel to stop doing this and how it would feel to be yourself in the situation – to be your real self
  • Decide on some small shifts today to experience what I really want – picture a positive experience being true to myself. Without accepting or asking for permission from anyone, what positive experience can I give my true self today?


Oprah lessons  written by by DoinTheGratefulDance

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