3 Powerful Steps to Call More Flow into Your Lives

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There are moments in your life when everything feels right – doors are opening, interactions are smooth, and life just feels good. Other times the road feels bumpy, filled with challenging moments, obstacles, and disappointment.

We are in control of our own energy and we influence the reality we experience each day. As we choose how we act and react in each step of our lives, we create our flow.

Incorporate these 3 powerful steps to your daily meditation practice to call more flow into all areas of your life:

1.  Compassionate Awareness
Start first from a gentle place of compassion, trusting that no matter the state of your energy – blocked and uncomfortable or free flowing and expansive – you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment. No judgment. From this space, you can begin to observe “what is” in your life as you begin the journey toward creating a life of peace, wellbeing, and fulfillment.

2.  Receive and Rejuvenate
Take time each day to notice and rejuvenate with the basic energy sources – the kind that comes from food, air, loving relationships, nature’s beauty, and the flow of creativity. All these sources of energy are available to you all the time. They are part of your birthright; they connect you to the flow of life, which is constantly renewing itself.

3.  Practice
During your time in the stillness of meditation,  tap into the infinite energy current of abundance that is always within you. Practice sustaining your connection to that flow as you approach each moment of your day. Follow this four step process any time you feel out of balance:
–  Observe. Just pay attention in those moments that feel bumpy or challenging. What is happening around you? How are you reacting? What are the sensations in your body? How are you communicating? What are your thoughts? Awareness of the cues we receive within is the first step toward shifting.
–  Pause and breathe. Stop for a moment to allow yourself to invite breath and space into your body.  This is a powerful step toward influencing your experience in positive ways. When you stop reacting and bring yourself  to the present moment, you are then able to take the next step toward influencing your flow.
– Choose. You get to choose how you truly want to show up in this moment. Will the path you were just on bring you the flow of peace, joy, and wellbeing, or is another choice more supportive? Follow your inner truth, it will lead the way.
–  Repeat. Be patient with yourself. It takes practice to master any skill.  Meet yourself with compassion and commitment as you continually come back to your center; then watch your life transform.

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