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I have always been a semi active person and enjoyed a full life, however, I had various health problems for more than 6 years that began taking their toll on my body. I was very confused as to what to eat, everything seemed to be making me sick, I even thought I had Celiac Disease because of the symptoms and was trying to avoid anything that had Gluten but the symptoms continued. Finally, it got so bad that I decided to seek help and visited a Gastroenterologist. I was diagnosed with Lactose and Fructose Intolerance after being tested, and to my surprise, I was not Gluten Intolerant. I was told by the Gastroenterologist to adopt a lactose and fructose free diet. I made an appointment with a dietician and went on a lactose and fructose free diet and my symptoms and health improved. It has been easy to follow a lactose free diet and always try to avoid high fructose foods but I still have problems with the fructose diet. Fructose is present in different types of sugars in various foods and it is not always easy to determine the percentage of fructose but my health has improved tremendously. I became healthy again and decided to change the way I had been living in the past and am now following a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, meditating, think positively among other things.

I am finally healthy & happy again!


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