6+ Healthy Ingredient Swaps You Need to Know

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Here are six and more healthy ingredient swaps that don’t diminish the enjoyment of meals. You’ll notice a difference, but you’ll still want to eat the dish.  You can make simple ingredient substitutions to create healthy recipes that don’t sacrifice taste and enjoyment.  You may have healthier ingredients available and not realize it.


1. Avocado in place of butter or mayonnaise. There’s a reason that avocado toast has been the “it” breakfast the past couple of years ― it’s just as good as buttered toast. Avocado works as a nice substitute in place of mayo. Spread it on a piece of bread for a sandwich or use it to make an egg salad. You’ll be saying to yourself:  “Why didn’t I try this a long time ago?”  You’llnever go back!

2. Applesauce in place of oil in baked goods. Try it in muffins, cakes and even your favorite brownie recipe. It’s a one-to-one substitute, so if one cup of oil was called for, you can replace it with one cup of applesauce.  It’s really good!

3. Oatmeal as a substitute for breadcrumbs. It’s great for recipes like meatloaf or meatballs where the breadcrumbs are just mixed in; this is one swap where a healthy substitute is hardly noticeable.

4. Date puree instead of sugar. Who would have thought of this!  In case you didn’t know, dates are incredibly sweet. Ground into a paste, they can be easily used in cakes, ice cream and smoothies in place of sugar. It’s too easy not to try. And making life easier, it’s just a one-to-one substitute.

5.  Quinoa instead of rice.  While brown rice is healthier than white rice, quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse and the perfect substitute all around. Quinoa is not only loaded with protein, fiber, and iron but has a lower glycemic load and substantially more amino acids. By swapping out rice for quinoa, you’ll get a delicious and healthier meal.

6.  Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.  When whipping up a quick appetizer like spinach dip or French onion dip, substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream. This provides the rich taste of sour cream with a fraction of the calories and saturated fat. If you’re feeling really ambitious, swap the chips for fresh veggies, too.


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healthy-ingredient-swaps*   Chart Illustrated by Kelly Colchin



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Adapted from Article published by Huffingtonpost.com


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